Quarantine measures: We take care of your health by trying to reduce the risk. We
apply strict safety measures!

Undoubtedly, the various types of emergency measures, situations, etc. will be
companions in our lives next year and we are adapting to these new rules. We are
sure that humans, being the most adaptive creatures on this planet, will find their
way to continue to have a normal existence in the new environment.

At Campfirebg we are aware of the importance of what is happening and we treat it
responsibly. We have new preventive measures when conducting our trips so that
you can feel safe and thus relax and immerse yourself in the experience.

The hygiene measures we introduce are the following:

  • Our vans will be regularly disinfected;
    We also offer a dispenser with hand sanitizer.
  • Respiratory hygiene – we will replace the pollen filter (cabin filter) every 3
    months, together with disinfection of the air conditioning system.
  • We have a plan of action in case of symptoms, the first and foremost measure is to isolate the person immediately.
  • When the group is moving outside, you have the opportunity to keep distance and
    we will encourage you to do so.
  • The choice of small family hotels, guest houses or tents will be a priority for us.
    The reason is that it is much easier to provide physical distance in such
    accommodations. This way you will not have the feeling that you have just changed
    the place of quarantine.
  • The choice of non-traditional tourist sites and routes is the basis of our
    excursions, as well as outdoor activities. This will give you the desired freedom and
  • The groups will be small – up to 10 people, and thus you will receive more personal attention and security.

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