Do more, be more, live more ..

Do more, be more, live more ..


Adventure tourism is a type of eco-tourism ensuring sustainable use of natural resources. It is a palette of tourist practices, dominated by communication with nature, people and active participation with a certain physical commitment for adventurers.

Participants explore the natural world through their senses (smell, hearing, sight, taste and touch). The goal is to cultivate in you a living connection with nature and a relentless interest in life – climb, rejoice and be grateful!

Level of difficulty


This level is suitable for people who have no previous mountain experience, do not have the necessary equipment, clothing and good hiking boots. Usually the duration of such programs is one or two days and the daily transitions do not exceed 3-4 hours.


You need to have physical training. The trails in some sections will be challenging. The duration of daily hikes can vary between 5 and 8 hours with climbs between 400 and 800 meters, sometimes even up to 1000 meters.


Physical training must be at a very good level. Factors such as high altitude, climatic conditions, difficult terrain, steep sections, remoteness may also be included during the transitions. It is mandatory to have previous experience in the mountains. The daily duration usually varies between 7 and 10 hours, and climbs can be between 700 and 1000 m. Positive displacement.


There are no two opinions that walking in nature helps to improve our overall well-being – a healthier body, strong spirit, calm and centered. Natural paintings are also a source of inspiration, they directly affect the brain, which enhances our creative nature.

  • Every change can amaze you
  • You build motor habits towards a more active life
  • Walking is a very gentle, natural sport – it does not overload the body
  • Sweating removes toxins
  • Hiking in nature is a physical activity that wastes 400-700 calories per hour
  • You breathe fresh air and drink “living water”
  • You get rid of the background noise of the urban environment
  • Adventurers who draw energy from nature are happier and more creative
  • You make new friends
  • You put yourself in a better living and productive state


Good equipment is not a luxury, but a life-saving tool! Whether you are cold is a matter of choice!
The most effective is the wearing of layers – 3 layers, and in colder weather you can add the 4th:

1. First layer – Base / Skin / Thermal underwear
Purpose – removes moisture from the body (cooling occurs from the inside out)!
Synthetics are a cheaper option, but inferior in quality and sweat removal compared to merino wool.
2. Second layer – Intermediate / Polar:
Purpose: Warmth and comfort; moves moisture to the outer layer.
Why: light fabric, breathable properties, good insulator, cheap option. Maybe a wool sweater, but not entirely synthetic fabric.
3. Third layer – Outer, membrane layer:
Important: This layer is responsible for the other layers and therefore for our overall comfort, because it is in constant contact with the external environment!
These are the “Hard shell” membranes, as well as the waterproof coated jackets.
Device: Outer layer DWR layer (Durable Water Repellence). It is important to have a high level of Adsorption!
– 2 layer membranes: one membrane layer and one mesh layer.
– 2.5 layers: the same as the 1st, but has a thin microlayer that protects and prolongs the life of the membrane.
– 3 layers: “Sandwich”. The membrane is between the DWR layer and the mesh layer.

!! Tip: Make the outer layer one size larger than the other layers!
In winter, when it is very cold, you can put a “fluff” as the 4th layer.
For summer you can use “Soft shell”.

What is it:
This is a two-layer garment. Outside it is made of “breathable shell” with a specific structure, most often polyester.
It has windproof and less pronounced waterproof properties. Does not protect against heavy rainfall!
During active movement provides adequate breathability, which quickly removes moisture from our body.

1. Gives the feeling of freedom and flexibility of the body.
2. Can be used as a first coat in cooler conditions.
3. Can be used as a middle layer
4. The best – can be used SIMULTANEOUSLY as the three layers.

Do more than dream, act!


  • Increased self-confidence
  • You expand your knowledge and skills and learn new ones
  • You rediscover the world through a different perspective
  • You leave space and time for yourself
  • You improve your communication skills with different people
  • You get rich culturally and spiritually
  • You are educated through experience
  • You feel proud of your achievements and you can show and tell unique photos and stories to friends!