The choice is yours – to be active or passive?!

Important! All treks and routes could be personalised (dates/places), as they should be previously arranged with us. It is also possible for us provide transport for self-organised treks with bikes and kayaks.

What equipment do we need for the walking trek?


  • Walking boots with durable outsoles (three-seasonal for the summer treks)
  • Trekking rucksack (40 – 50 l)
  • Light and warm clothes, the outerwear should be wind- and waterproof
  • Hat and gloves
  • Water bottle, cup, fork and knife
  • Headlamp or another source of light
  • Trekking poles


  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • First aid kit
  • Foods rich in carbohydrates or easy to digest
  • Sleeping bag and mat
  • Thermal underwear
  • Towel
  • Slippers for the lodge, so that your feet can rest properly

What do we need for the bike routes?

  • The compulsory equipment for the walking trek +
  • Spare/Inner tyre
  • Tyre glue/bands
  • Helmet and gloves
  • Cycling tights, jersey (in case you have one)
  • Camelbak (in case you have one)

Why is it important to dress in layers?

Getting dressed in layers presupposes adequate release of moisture outside your body while at the same time not allowing environmental factors like rain, snow, and wind reach you and take away of your body temperature or make you wet.

Second skin – a layer tightly fitting to the skin – thermal underwear – then clothes (but not made of polar fleece, as it has no absorbing qualities) which will take moisture out of your body – a down jacket (in cold weather) – wind- and waterproof outerwear with zips for venting! Trousers – comfortable, as well as a spare pair – wind- and waterproof!

Why should we choose outdoor to indoor activities?

  1. Encountering unknown places and interesting people.
  2. Fresh air and fresh water rich in oxygen, which, in its own right, will lead to better life functions (oxygen and water are the main fuel for the cell).
  3. Active movement: on its own, it provokes active detoxification of the body through sweat. As a result you lower the risk of gaining fat as well in the body as in the blood vessels. Sports activity raises the pressure between the vertebrae! This is extremely important, bearing in mind that almost each of us has at least one vertebral column problem.
  4. Direct contact with beautiful scenery and exposure to direct sunlight stimulates the synthesis of endorphin in the brain, which is responsible for our general level of happiness.
  5. Has anyone ever asked themselves how the balance between all the millions of plant and animal species, living on our planet, is maintained?! Incredible, but a fact… Observe and explore nature in order to reshape your own life.
  6. When you go up in the mountain, you leave all the worries and concerns down there!

What do Individual Treks mean?

Put together the pieces of the puzzle of your adventure on your own! You will choose the type of activities, the duration of the trek, according to your personal physical capabilities and the landmarks that you want to see. We will only be the tool to making your dream holiday come true.

What is the Digital Nomad programme?

This programme is oriented to people, whose work is only done on a laptop. You work 4 days a week and the other 3 you wander about to the next point. During your work days, additional activities will be organised. The duration of the programme could be from a week to a month, and we will explore the Rhodopes.


For the most part, these will be connected to yoga practices.

Nature heals! A hike in the open and all the beautiful scenery can clear your head of unnecessary thought and tiredness in an amazing way, and also raise your general feeling of well-being.

The social aspect of treks?

We will do our best to spend the nights in guest houses and not big hotels. If you show willingness, we will shop with small grocers and producers, and not big supermarket chains. Thus we take part in the local causes and initiatives.

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