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I realized that when I’m not feeling well, one of the most effective remedies is to go to a place created with love – the Rhodope Mountains.

Immerse your self in the Rhodopе’s forest  and be part of ancient ritual!


  •     Type: hiking
  •     Mountain: Rhodopes
  •     Route: Sofia – Perushtitsa – Sitovo
  •     Duration – 2 days
  •     Level of difficulty: beginners, but in good physical shape

Day 1 – 3 hours hike with the breaks

Day 2 – 5 hours hike with the breaks

Elevation gain – 700 m


  •     Meet new people and learn about the ancient herb ritual
  •     Meeting with the wild Rhodopes
  •     Mine “Tsar Assen”
  •     The Red Church
  •     Sitovo inscription
  •     Sanctuary and fortress Stutgrad
  •     Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist and collection of herbs in the area of ​​the chapel of St. Spas above the village of Hrabrino


Day 1: Sofia – “Tsar Asen” Mine – The Red Church – Sitovo village

Departure at 7:30 a.m. from the parking lot in front of the National Stadium.

Our first stop will be the abandoned “Tsar Asen” mine. Extremely beautiful blue-green color of water due to various chemical elements, but mostly copper.

The landscape is too unrealistic for our planet. A few Instagram photos and we continue to the Rhodopes.

Our next stop is the Red Church. The beginning of the village life in the area of ​​the church was set around the VI century BC. A prehistoric settlement has been discovered 500 meters from the church. The Red Church was built in the Early Middle Ages – V-VI century AD. The central building is in the shape of a four-leaf clover. Despite the little left of the structure, the place is very special.

Lunch and beer testing in the Hills Brewery Park, with mountain views.

Late in the afternoon we proceed to Sitovo. Historians claim that Sitovo has existed as a settlement for two millennia.

Sitovo inscription, according to historians, is from the Neolithic era and is composed of rune-like signs.

It is a matter of interpretation what exactly it says. There are two main hypotheses: “The soul created between Saturn and Earth must return to the light of its star.”

Option 2: “Let him who is here on earth go to heaven, which reverberates and shines blue.”

The church “St. Petka”, which is located in the center of Sitovo village also has an interesting story that we will tell you.

We check in the tourist hut Kopritsko borce near the village, where we will have a campfire. The transition to there is 30 minutes. Great place to calm “galloping thoughts”.

If you want, you can walk to the chapel with the holy spring (15 minutes from the hut), which even Baba Vanga has recommended to sick people. It offers a view to the Rhodope highest peaks – Big and Small Perelik.

On Enyo’s Day Eve (Saint John’s Eve), a ritual of “silent water” is performed. (The water is poured in at sunset form a pure spring in complete silence so that its magical power is not spoiled by a human voice.) This water can make wishes come true, but only if you really approach it honestly and frankly.

Silent water is one of the main magical elements in performing various types of rituals in the Bulgarian tradition. The power of silent water lies in its purity, in the preserved neutrality of its energy structure, which is the basis for its further recharging with the desired energy and a guarantee of success in achieving certain ritual goals. In this sense, water is the foundation of the vibrational upgrade in the magical work of the Bulgarians in a world of the most diverse customs and rites.

You need to bring food for dinner and breakfast.

Day 2: Enyo’s Day holiday and walk to Stutgrad

Midsummer’s Day or Enyo’s Day – fairies in white robes and the breath of fresh herbs, and a lot of freedom in the mountains, and evening silence – a wonderful summer magic is approaching!

On the day of the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, the astronomical beginning of summer, June 21. As June 21 is on Monday, the “Enyova Bulya” ritual will be performed on Sunday morning, the 20th. The main ritual person, who gives the name of the custom, is also called “Enyova bulya”. This is a little girl (3 to 5 years old), chosen according to local tradition.

On Enyo’s Day large wreaths of flowers and herbs are woven, which are symbolically bent like arches. According to folk beliefs, everyone should go under the arch barefoot for health during the year, and on the way out he is sprinkled with silent water.

After the festive morning we go to the rock sanctuary and Roman fortress – Stutgrad.

The last landmark in our trip will be the ancient sanctuary and fortress – Stutgrad – an inspiring place in the middle of the forest. Next to it has passed a Roman road, coming from Thrace and reaching to the Aegean. Numerous fossilized faces and shapes can be found on the rock massifs.

Most likely we will see a blossoming silivryak (Haberlea rhodopensis, also called Orpheus flower).

Silivryak is a Balkan endemic, protected relict species. It is found in the Western Rhodopes and some parts of the Central Stara Planina. A unique flower that has the ability to hibernate and then come to life again. That is why one of its popular names is immortal.

After a few hours spent in timelessness in the middle of the Perelik part of the Rhodopes, we return to the village. According to our tradition, on our way back we go barefoot for a while – natural massage, of course, at will.

Lunch will be in a restaurant with a beautiful garden in the village of Hrabrino.

Then we take the van to the chapel of St. Spas (Ascension of Jesus), where meadows of wild flowers and herbs and breath taking views to Plovdiv and Thrace await us.

Estimated return to Sofia – 7:30 p.m.

The reservation is made after the transfer of a deposit in the amount of  70leva

Contacts: enjoy@campfire.bg / 0899923900

Bank accounts and payments

В случай на влошено време или други непредвидени обстоятелства сумата ще бъде възстановена на 100%!

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Price: 140 leva

For a couple of participants: 240 leva

If you bring 2 friends, you receive a 50% discount!

It includes:

– Transport

– Insurance

– Licensed guide

– Professional high-quality photos

It does NOT include:

– Food and beverages

– Additional expenses

Necessary equipment:

– Hiking boots – maximum height by the ankles

– Trekking poles

– A small backpack

– Food and water. We recommend rapidly digestible carbohydrates.

Students and loyal customers may get the advantage of a 10% discount!

If you bring 2 friends, you receive a 50% discount!

The timetable for the trek is approximate and depends on the pace of the group. The hours already include the breaks.

The guide has the right to change the route in case of unforeseen circumstances.

In case of bad weather or any other unforeseen circumstances, the amount will be refunded 100%!

Nature is our tool to enter a more inspiring and active state!

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