• Date 19 Sep - 22 Sep
  • Type Trekking
  • Оставащи места 7
  • Price 270,00 лв.


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  • Type: Trekking
  • Location: Rhodopes Mountains
  • Route: Sofia – Sitovo Village – Lilkovo Village – Orehovo Village – Kabata Hut – Chudnite Mostove (The Wonderful Bridges) – Slivodol Waterfall
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Mean change of altitude – 700 m
  • Level: beginners


  • Meeting new people and visiting new sites
  • Acquaintance with the wild Rhodopi
  • Beautiful rock bridge
  • The Red Church
  • Sitovo Inscription
  • Sanctuary and fortress Shtut Grad
  • Visit to the hidden Rhodopi gem villages – Sitovo and Lilkovo
  • Slivodol Waterfall
  • Rhodopi home cooking

Day 1 Sofia – Tsar Asen mine – The Red Church – Sitovo

I learned that when I don’t feel well, I will always feel better by visiting the magic mountain of Orpheus – Rhodopi. Our first stop will be the abandoned mine Tsar Asen. The water in the mine has the stunning turquoise color created by different chemical elements, mostly copper. The landscape is quite unreal for our rich planet. Feed your Instagram and we are heading to the Rhodopes.

Our next stop will be to visit the Red Church. Settled life started here six centuries BC. Remains of the prehistoric village are found just 500 meters from the church. The church itself was built in the early Middle Ages – fifth or sixth century AC. The main building is in the form a four-leaved clover.

We will then stop for lunch and beer tasting in the park of Hills Craft Brewery with a view to the mountain. After lunch we will head to Sitovo. The village is an architecture reserve and is rumored to have been sitting on those hills for 20 centuries.

Before we reach the village where the road ends, we will stop to take a look at the Sitovo inscription. It dates back to the Neolithic times and resembles runic symbols. Its is not fully read but we choose this translation “The souls, created between Saturn and Earth, must go back to the light of its own star”. There are many similar scripts found in other parts of the country that might mean that the Thracians might have had their alphabet before the Egyptians.

The last visit for the day will be the ancient sanctuary and fortress Shtut Grad. Next to it an old Roman route from Thrace to Thracian Sea was passing. Many ancient signs and inscriptions can be found on the rocks around it.

We will check in the Kopritsko Bortse Hut – a sustainable hut with solar energy and local spring water. It is 30 mins up the hill from Sitovo. We can also visit a local healing spring (15 mins from the hut). The evening will end with a campfire and you need to bring with you food for the dinner, breakfast and lunch on the next day.

Day 2 Sitovo (1,300 m ASL) Lilkovo (1,400 m ASL) Orehovo (940 m ASL)

Most of the trekking during the day will go downwards. We will wake up fully charged by the serenity and crystal mountain air – the wind, the birds and the little spring that goes around the hut. Maybe also a rooster from the village. In the center of the village we will stop at the stone church St. Petka, built in 1848 and keeping many miraculous stories.

Walking by the banks of Curly River we can enjoy fresh mountain water and a diverse sampling of wildflowers and herbs. 2 km after the village we head right to the neighboring village of Lilkovo – another local gem with great views and a stone church.

We will be heading to Orehovo by the top of the hill, giving us great views around. The highest peak will be at 1,521 ASL and the total time of the trek is 5 hours with the stopovers. We will climb by 250 m for the day and go down by 500 meters.

We will be checking in at a B&B and have a local food dinner at the famous tavern “The Black Devils” by the river in Malevo Village.

Day 3 – Orehovo Village (940 m ASL) – Kabata Hut (1,620 m ASL)

This will be the climbing day aiming to raise us by 650 m up. The climbing is not steep and will take us around different nature and historical places. Your guide will be telling many stories.

The trekking will take us about 4 hours, and we will have a longer time to relax in the beautiful place Kabata, where we will stay for the night in the Kabata Hut

Day 4- Kabata (1,620 m ASL) – The Wonderful Bridges (1,450 m ASL) Slivodol Waterfall

One of the most exciting places in the Rhodopes is the rock formation The Wonderful Bridges. They were formed by the erosion from the once full river underneath and now form two beautiful marble arches. They are in the list of 100 National tourist sites.

Nearby there is a zip line – totally worth the fly if you want to try!

After a lunch in the region we will ride to Bachkovo from where we will walk to the Slivodol Waterfall. This is one of the highest waterfalls in the Rhodopes – 49 m. It is within the Red Wall Nature Reserve. Walking back and forth takes about 2.5 h. The active walking for the day will be around 3 hours. We are expected to be back to Sofia at 6 p.m.

Needed gear:

  • Backpack (around 40 litres)
  • Trekking shoes and clothes
  • Jacket (waterproof)
  • Trekking poles
  • Headlight or another type of light
  • Water bottle at least 1 l
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellent and other personal medicines

Price: 270 BGN

For two: 490 BGN

The price includes: Guide, Transport, Insurance, 3 nights lodging

The price does not include: Food and drinks, other personal expenses, entrance fees and zip line.

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